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Pharmacist | Pharmacist, doctor & dentist assistant | Office support | Elderly - & domiciliary care | Hospital | Student | Others

Letterfrack, the nationwide recruitment agency specialised in the health care sector! Letterfrack is a recruitment agency operating nationwide, specialised in human resources, captation and selection of staff in the health care sector. Letterfrack provides recruitment solutions particularly aimed at pharmacists, pharmacist assistants, dentist assistants and doctor assistants. Letterfrack’s approach is personal and thoroughgoing. Our extensive selection process is aimed to best adapt the wishes, requirements and needs of both employers and candidates. This exhaustive method increases the chances of a ‘perfect match’. Would you like to know what Letterfrack can do for you? Click here.

Work at... Do you like versatile jobs? Do you like working for different employers? Do you dare to look beyond the borders of recruitment? Then, working at Letterfrack is the thing for you. We are looking for staff with a flexible work attitude and a craving for ambition. Also, we are looking for curious people who want to see pharmacies ‘from the inside’. This makes your work dynamic! The broad knowledge and experience that you get from these work periods, you can use them in your future career. If you work for us on a secondment basis, this means that Letterfrack employs you. You get your contract from Letterfrack and you receive a fixed salary. You sign a contract specifying the number of hours a week that you want to work and we find the right job for you. When the job is about to finish, we seek a new job for you in a new company. This contract works as any other employment contract. This means that you are insured in case of disease and that you have the possibility to pay your pension.

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