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Location Rotterdam
Walenburgerweg 3
3039 AA Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10 467 09 03
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Pharmacist | Pharmacist, doctor & dentist assistant | Office support | Elderly - & domiciliary care | Hospital | Student | Others
Worries because of a shortage in personnel?

Are you an employer in health care? Are you looking for a new employee? Then you’re at the right place here at Letterfrack. We match your vacancy to the right candidate. We work on a basis of “no cure, no pay”. This means that you will pay a fee only once, after that the candidate introduced by Letterfrack will work for you. This amount depends on the salary the candidate will earn when working for you. Our team of consultants has been classified to the social service sector, which is very handy for you. This is because our people have experience in health care. This assures you of a professional conversation partner. Do you have any vacant jobs?

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