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Location Rotterdam
Walenburgerweg 3
3039 AA Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10 467 09 03
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Pharmacist | Pharmacist, doctor & dentist assistant | Office support | Elderly - & domiciliary care | Hospital | Student | Others
Care for golden temporary employees

During holidays, project weeks or illness, the hectic at work can increase. It would be a real comfort if you can count on the temporary employees of Letterfrack anytime. Our people are competent, enthusiastic and flexible. With their medical or pharmaceutical HBO or WO education, you can put them to work. The temporary agreement is on basis of temporary employment. This gives you the space to cancel it easily whenever you’d like. Are you looking for temporary employees who are following a medical or pharmaceutical course? Or would you like to have some advice about the actual laws and regulations for flexible work applying to you? Contact one of our consultants.

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