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Tel: +31(0)10 467 09 03
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Pharmacist | Pharmacist, doctor & dentist assistant | Office support | Elderly - & domiciliary care | Hospital | Student | Others
We ensure certainty

Are you active in health care? Are you looking for a challenge and variety, but would you also like to have the certainty of a permanent contract with an ecstatic salary? If so, then you are the perfect candidate to be posted by Letterfrack, because that means many advantages. It is also ideal for interim managers who need some extra certainty. On basis of posting, you will be sent by Letterfrack. How does this work exactly? You have a permanent contract, so you will not have to worry about the next assignment. We take care of the assignments on an acceptable travel distance. Afterwards when your work is done, the next challenge will be ready for you! Are you curious whether posting via Letterfrack is for you? Contact one of our consultants.

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