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Location Rotterdam
Walenburgerweg 3
3039 AA Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10 467 09 03
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Pharmacist | Pharmacist, doctor & dentist assistant | Office support | Elderly - & domiciliary care | Hospital | Student | Others
Ensure challenge and variety!

Would you like to work for a challenging project that has variety? Are you active in health care? If that is the case, then you are the perfect candidate for the Letterfrack Interim Team! Via Letterfrack you will work for several clients. This can be an observation for example. However, it is also possible that your expertise will be necessary at a practice positioned in trouble. When the assignment is over, we will look after a new one. Adding to that, we will always take your preferences into account which have been confirmed in your Personal Development Plan (P.D.P). We regularly organise days when you will come back with trainings and workshops. This way you can exchange your experiences with colleagues, and you will always be up to date on your field of study. Does it sound interesting to you to reinforce our Interim Team? Contact one of our consultants.

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