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Location Rotterdam
Walenburgerweg 3
3039 AA Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10 467 09 03
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Pharmacist | Pharmacist, doctor & dentist assistant | Office support | Elderly - & domiciliary care | Hospital | Student | Others
For employees

You work in healthcare and you are:

  • looking for a new permanent job?
  • looking for a new temporary job?
Contact Letterfrack, the nationwide recruitment agency specialised in the health sector. We know the ins and outs of the market. We offer you value-added services thanks to our core competencies:
  • Extensive candidate network
  • Well-known name in the medical field
  • Excellent position in the market
  • Experienced staff with market knowledge
  • A proactive attitude
At Letterfrack, people come first. You can contact one of our branches on telephone number: 010 467 09 03. Besides, you can check the latest job vacancies in our website.

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